Finding a Safe Haven in a Growing Totalitarian World

Argentine economist Adrian Salbuchi, Chen Lin and Roger Wiegand are key guests on this week’s show.

Adrian Salbuchi discusses the latest geopolitical moves by a small self-appointed ruling elite to control our lives. Understanding geopolitics and seemingly unrelated economic realities in the global economy has enabled Chen Lin to grow his wife’s investment account from $5,400 on 1/1/03 to over $1.5 million by 12/31/10. Chen talks about his life growing up in China and will share ideas about you to profit from growing economic chaos.

The CEOs of two gold exploration companies, namely Western Pacific Resources and Millrock Resources, tell us about their promising gold exploration companies.

Chaos of an emerging new world order are underlying the gold bull market and are also leading some to look for safe havens. And I will report on my visit to Doug Casey’s Cafayate Argentina hideaway.

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Adrian Salbuchi is an Argentine economist, researcher, lecturer and essayist.  He is the founder of The Argentine Second Republic Movement.  Salbuchi has worked as an international business consultant and analyst of power structures and the political, economic, and financial globalization, and has been the Communications Project Manager and translator of the “El Traductor Radial.”

Adrian Salbuchi’s new book describes key factors of the Coming World Government and the basic guidelines of the Second Republic Project.  You can check his websites at and

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Mr. Chen Lin writes the stock newsletter What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling?, published and distributed by Taylor Hard Money Advisors, Inc. Using his wife’s Roth IRA account, Lin invested $5,411 in December 2002. That same account was worth about $1.5 million at the end of 2010. You can see his portfolio chart by visiting

After receiving a Masters’ degree (Ph.D. candidate) in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton, Chen worked in the internet and computer area where he founded a few start-up companies. After the internet crash of 2000, Chen was able to move his technology portfolio into the resource sector with considerable success. Chen employs a value-oriented approach and often demonstrates excellent market timing due to his exceptional technical analysis.


Jay Taylor
TSX Gold

Mr. Taylor is editor of J Taylor’s Gold, Energy & Techn Stocks newsletter. A native of Ohio, he has resided in New York since 1973 when he began working there for Barlcay’s Bank International. His interest in the role gold has played in U.S. monetary history led him to research gold and into analyzing and investing in junior gold shares.

In 1981 he began publishing North American Gold Mining Stocks, which preceded his current newsletter. His continuing interest in gold mining prompted him to study geology at Hunter College in New York City, supplementing his MBA in Finance & Investments. Throughout his career Mr. Taylor worked as a commercial, then as an investment banker. Most recently, he worked in the mining and metals group of ING Barings in New York. Prior to that he was involved in the first gold loan made in modern times in the U.S. to Amax Minerals, a 250,000 oz. loan facility led by Citicorp. 

In 1997 he resigned from ING Barings to devote himself full time to researching mining & technology stocks, writing his newsletter and assisting companies in raising venture capital.

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