Crude Oil: Honeymoon surprise

It is a real-life version of the Beverly Hillbillies. Or maybe it should be called the Belizean Hillbillies.

My new wife made me promise to leave my laptop and writing duties at home on our recent honeymoon. Like a good new husband, I eagerly complied. But that did not stop me from keeping an eye out for some story ideas.

Just minutes after landing on a dirt runway in a small ten-passenger plane, we were escorted to the beach along a rough, gravel road. We traveled through orange and papaya fields, through dense jungles, and across wide-open cane fields. The total drive was just over an hour long. The entire time, no two-minute span went without a huge and very new tractor-trailer barreling past, threatening to pull the doors off our old truck. It was obvious something new and good was occurring.

In Belize, the only thing brand new are the babies. The country is very poor and very worn out. But now, exceptions to the rule are popping up all over the place. The country has struck oil. Truck after truck is transporting crude oil from one side of the country to the other. The Belizean Hillbillies have moved in.

Shootin’ at some dinner

With crude selling for over $130 per barrel, the country is getting rich… fast. It has made a fantastic investment opportunity.

Oil exploration in Belize is nothing new. Folks have been pumping black gold for years, just not in commercial-grade quantities. Two to three barrels per day was nothing worth burning the jungle for. But now that over 2,000 barrels are gushing from the ground each day, the country is changing fast.

There are no refineries in Belize, so all the crude is taken straight to Mexico. It has created a booming industry for Belize, which has become a Central American oasis for savvy investors.

One company worth keeping an eye on, although it is privately owned, is Belize Natural Energy. It has contracted with the Belizean government to explore over 450,000 acres. In all, it will likely pump over 50 million barrels of oil.

So far, no major oil companies have entered Belize. For investors, that is a good thing. It gives us an opportunity to explore the smaller, fast-growing companies that will be moving to the area.strong> As word of the countries rich oil offering spreads, investment opportunities will be popping up all over the place.

Of course, with this much money getting pumped into such a small economy, there are a lot of other investment possibilities. Over the next few weeks, I am going to study the situation hard and let you know what I find.

Belize offers some unique possibilities. Best of all, few folks are talking about it.

Stay tuned.

Andrew Snyder
Today’s Financial News

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