Hedge Fund Job Tips

Hedge fund jobs are becoming harder to get as more MBA and PhD graduates target this niche of the investment industry upon graduation. While the job market within the hedge fund industry is becoming more competitive the truth is that every hedge fund is looking for something slightly different and if you do enough research almost anyone can find one that meets their skillset.

That said, below is a list of traits, experience and education that hedge funds do typically look for in candidates.

  • Quantitative experience and abilities
  • CFA Designation
  • Education – Ivy league, MBA, Quant focussed PhD
  • Signs of loyalty, passion, and being humble
  • Something extra such as PR expertise, asset gathering ability, or a source of information advantage
  • High quality names from your last few hedge fund jobs – large wirehouse experience
  • How much money did you personally bring in to the firm or make for the firm?
  • A stomach for a high commission/bonus structure

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