Prosper Pros and Cons

I found some great articles about Prosper by the same author titled:

Why Will Succeed & Why Will Fail by Justin McHenry over at Zen Personal Finance.

Apparently Mr. McHenry is taking the approach of a skeptic who is caught on the fence. I appreciate his honesty in admitting to not knowing whether or not Prosper will be a hit here in the United States after following the lead of a similar British business model named Zopa which has been a smashing success.

Although it is more enticing to read an article where the author makes a black and white argument, you walk away feeling like the ball is in your court, but that the jury is still out. Besides, why would one person sway your decision without viewing the evidence yourself?

I personally enjoyed reading through the comments of those who have tested the system and can bring their experiences to those who may still have their doubts. Many of my recent posts have been on Prosper because I want to find answers and experiences that I can share with you.

Let’s hope the niche experiment known as lives on. Live well and prosperous!

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