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Born To Sell has been chosen as a finalist for a prestigious trading software award! And *you* could win $10,000 of software by voting. Sweet!

Thanks to the kind folks at TraderPlanet who have chosen Born To Sell as a finalist in their 2011 Star Awards contest. Clearly they are connoisseurs of fine trading software and know high quality when they see it. :)

How To Win $10,000 Of Trading Software

The contest winners are chosen by public vote. And each person who votes is automatically entered into a drawing for $10,000 of free investment software. You can only vote one time, so choose carefully, and be sure to vote before the deadline of January 31, 2012.

How To Vote For Born To Sell

Should you be so inclined, we would appreciate your vote. It’s easy:

1. Go to the TraderPlanet Voting Ballot

2. Scroll down to the Trading Software category and find “Covered Call Investment Tools”

3. Change the Rating pop-up to “1st”

You don’t need to vote for anything else on the ballot (unless you want to).

4. Enter your name and email (to be registered for the $10,000 prize) and click Submit.

That’s it! The $10,000 winner will be announced when the voting ends along with the software packages that receive the most votes. Thanks for your help!


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