New York City: The Freedom Tower has Company

I always said that if I did not study Finance I would become an Architect. Ever since I was little I’ve had this secret passion for beautiful structures that define our times. If Paris, Berlin, and London are the sister cities of old, then New York is the city that defines the power and prestige of our modern times. With cities like Shanghai and Dubai, we are already gaining a preview of what the cities of tomorrow may bring in regards to architectural design. These are by no means comments that say there isn’t a modern or futuristic site to be found in each of these cities. However, when you look at these particular destinations as a whole, the type of material used, the architectural style, you can begin to see snapshots in time. To me these pillars of civilization and progress serve as a link between the era of time that spans generations and centuries.

It was recently reported that the new Freedom Tower in New York would be joined by a spiral of new set of buildings that would not shy away from the Freedom Tower. These new designs mark an ambitious move to reclaim New York’s skyline as one of, if not THE most admired in the world. There have been many changes to the overall picture and if you have not had the chance to see them take a look for yourself in the pictures below. You will notice that the Freedom Tower and its surrounding buildings have changed over the past few years.

A view of the previous design for the Freedom Tower.
Old Freedom Tower

Some of the more recent visions for New York’s Skyline.

New Freedom Tower I
Freedom Tower II
Freedom Tower III

Freedom Tower IV
Freedom Tower V

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One comment on “New York City: The Freedom Tower has Company

  1. Bill a.k.a. NO DooDahs! on said:

    When I see those plans, I think of Ozymandias.