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Market Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): Facebook, Google Collect Price-Target Hikes

Technology [at Investor's Business Daily] - Facebook (FB) and Google each received a price-target boost from Credit Suisse on Friday, which cited new products ahead and strong performance by existing ones. Credit Suisse hiked its price target on ... Read more on this. Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), with a current market cap of $440.09B, opened this morning at $640.00.   Today, shares have traded between $635.32 and $645.98 per share with its 52-week range being $486.23 to $678.64.   GOOG shares are currently priced at 22.17x this year's forecasted earnings, which makes them relatively expensive compared to the industry's 15.04x forward p/e ratio.     In a review of the consensus earnings estimate this quarter, 38 sell-side analysts are looking at $7.20 per share, which would be $7.20 worse than the year-ago quarter and a $0.18 sequential increase. The full-year EPS estimate is $28.

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SIRI Stock: Don’t Bet Against Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:SIRI)

Market Updates Forget Twitter and Facebook; Sirius XM is My Favorite Technology Stock Despite media attention on hot stocks like GoPro and Twitter, investors would do better with proven winners like Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:SIRI). Rather than those who followed the latest fad, investors who bought SIRI stock five years ago would have made a 183% return. Many analysts predicted the death of satellite radio when internet streaming exploded in popularity. Investors foolishly ate up the pessimism and sold off Sirius stock as quickly as possible. They ended up driving SIRI stock to the The post SIRI Stock: Don’t Bet Against Sirius XM Holdings Inc.

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Piper Jaffray’s Brett Wong: How to Profit from Government Mandates in Biofuels

Energy New proposed EPA requirements for the renewable fuel standard program, combined with challenging sugarcane harvests in South America, could increase demand for biodiesel, creating opportunity in a struggling energy sector. In this interview with The Energy Report, Piper Jaffray Analyst Brett Wong names a growing company that could profit from government mandates.The Energy Report: New proposed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for the renewable fuel standards (RFS) program could change the landscape for biofuels. What is the new supply-and-demand picture for corn ethanol, biodiesel and sugarcane ethanol? Brett Wong: This is a proposal, and not a confirmed mandate, which we expect to get by the end of November. The two most important pieces in the standards cover corn ethanol and biodiesel usage requirements. The new proposal for minimum corn ethanol use would be 13.4 billion gallons (13.4 Bgal), which creates a floor.

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