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Market Update: Adobe Systems Inc (NASDAQ:ADBE) – Even Adobe wants everyone to quit using Flash

Technology [Business Insider] - It's been a long time coming, but Adobe is finally encouraging its customers to move away from... Read more on this. Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE), currently valued at $46.12B, opened this morning at $92.01. During today's session, ADBE traded between $91.12 to $92.52 and has traded between $68.98 and $92.66 over the past 12 months. ADBE shares are currently priced at 44.33x this year's forecasted earnings, which makes them relatively expensive compared to the industry's 13.34x earnings multiple. According to a consensus of 24 analysts, the earnings estimate of $0.60 per share would be $0.24 better than the year-ago quarter and a $0.04 sequential decrease. The full-year EPS estimate is $2.07 which would be a $0.78 improvement than last year's full-year earnings. The quarterly earnings estimate is based on a consensus revenue forecast of the current quarter of $1.31 Billion.

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7 Incredible Predictions from Facebook, Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Market Updates Mark Zuckerberg Talks About His Vision for Facebook, Inc. What’s next for Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)? After having taken over the social media world, Mark Zuckerberg finds himself under pressure to increase returns for Facebook stock. Luckily for FB stockholders, Zuckerberg is not short on ideas. As the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is less constrained than your average CEO. He owns a majority of the voting rights, giving him control over Facebook’s direction. So what Mark Zuckerberg thinks about the future of the Internet,. The post 7 Incredible Predictions from Facebook, Inc.

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Marin Katusa’s Transformative Vision of a Post-Fission/Denison Merger Uranium World

Energy Investors have spoken, and they said they don't want a merger of Fission Uranium and Denison Mines. In this interview with The Energy Report, Marin Katusa, founder of Katusa Research, shares his insight on why Fission investors rejected the deal and where he is finding value in the uranium and oil sector today. The Energy Report: What happened to the Fission Uranium Corp. (FCU:TSX)-Denison Mines Corp. (DML:TSX; DNN:NYSE.MKT) deal? Why did investors reject it and what does it mean for the junior uranium mining landscape? Marin Katusa: Ross McElroy and his team have done a great job growing the Patterson Lake South (PLS) resource, which is turning out to be a world-class deposit.

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