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Market Update (NASDAQ:INTC): Intel President Renee James to leave chipmaker

Technology [AP] - Intel said Thursday that President Renee James, who has worked at the chipmaker for 28 years, plans to leave the company early next year to seek a CEO role elsewhere. James has agreed to stay with Intel ... Read more on this. Intel Corporation (INTC), currently valued at $144.95B, began trading this morning at $30.18.   Today, shares have traded between $30.10 and $30.92 per share with a one year range of $29.31 to $37.90.   INTC shares are currently priced at 14.04x this year's forecasted earnings, which makes them relatively expensive compared to the industry's 10.29x earnings multiple.   The company pays shareholders $0.96 per share in dividend income per year, for a current yield of 3.10%.   In a review of the consensus earnings estimate this quarter, 39 sell-side analysts are looking at $0.51 per share, which would be $0.

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Jim Rogers Foresees Greece’s Economic Collapse, Thus Igniting a Stock Market Crash

Market Updates While central bankers and media outlets try to prop up financial markets with upbeat rhetoric, investors should be worried about a Greek economic collapse and possible stock market crash as early as next week. At least, that’s according to billionaire investor Jim Rogers. In an interview with Russia Today earlier this week, the former hedge fund manager predicated that a Greek debt default could shake the global economy and plunge the indebted nation into a depression.

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Marin Katusa: Tricks Anybody Can Use to Out-Invest the Top Fund Managers

Energy The Energy Report: You recently launched Katusa Research after years of working with Doug Casey. How do you see your new company expanding on what you achieved at Casey Research? Marin Katusa: My time at Casey Research was fun and a great platform to spread my wings. Doug and I are still very close. We're partners in a hedge fund and we talk regularly. Katusa Research is going to be much more focused on just publishing research. There will not be any upsells, and I am not a publishing company. I run an investment fund, and my focus is making money on investments, not selling newsletters. Everybody will be able to get free access to all my research and thoughts on my website and monthly newsletter, all available for free at I have no axe to grind with the publishing model; it's just not for me.

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